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imageIt’s all about the children. Many of us dedicate our careers to educating, entertaining and helping children. There’s nothing more rewarding than that! Enter the multi-talented Montrealer Betty EEsperanza…READ MORE Click on link source:



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You Can Dance, If You Want too. Vodka!

I’m baaack! From rehab! No, kidding! Never! With the upcoming Grand Prix of Montreal from June 10-12th… there will be lots of dancing in the streets courtesy of VODKA and all other dancing SPIRITS! Parté! 

Stay safe beautiful people! Share your flask with the moochers! Dance until sunrise or until you run out of Vodka!

We do not endorse drinking excessively because we don’t want you to damage your liver. But if you do fuck up… Do better next time. And don’t forget to FEED ME BITCH! 

Skateboards For Hope on MTL Urban Race

Watch Episode 5 of MTL URBAN RACE (Bellmedia) featuring SKATEBOARDS FOR HOPE and Montreal artists: Susan Shulman, Regimental Oneton and Rocio Perez.

Do you know where Peace Park is located? How about the history of the Quebec flag? Learn more and watch for the clues…someone is going to be eliminated. Special thanks to skateboarders Justin Darrow, Chloe Morin and Frederique Luyet. Watch more skateboarding here: SKATEBOARDSFORHOPE


About me…I’m 4hire!

My name is Betty Esperanza 4hire. (I added the 4hire as an incentive). I’m an entrepreneur in search of public speaking engagements, brand ambassador opportunities and projects that could use some fresh air.  Check out my various talents…hope it inspires you to hire me or at the least take action. Click here to see my portfolio.
I’m currently looking for speaking engagements worldwide. Check out my TEDx Talk:

I can speak about most subjects related to volunteerism, entrepreneurship, youth, culture, sustainable development and inspirational story telling. 

Contact me to discuss the possibilities:

“It always seem impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela. 


SHRED Nuit Blanche (Shred pour la cause)

Skateboarding can change the direction of youths lives and that’s what “Shred La Messe purpose is to offer alternatives and boost self-esteem by sponsoring skatepark admission fees for Montreal youth as well as preach the praises of religion to improve lives. When Nick asked if he could raise awareness about Skateboards For Hope mission to end poverty and give hope to youth worldwide, we could only say YES!

During NUIT BLANCHE festivities on Saturday February 27, why not skateboard until midnight to the beats of a DJ in an atmosphere of euphoria at Le TAZ Skatepark. Donation of $5.00 is your entrance fee. Proceeds will fund equipment for underprivileged kids. Thanks to sponsors Boutique Rollins and Le TAZ for their support!   

Kentucky Fried Christmas ? Pass The Colesleigh. 

 Christmas is celebrated all around the world. One tradition that is common is FOOD. Watch the video to learn about Xmas traditions you might enjoy trying to impress your guests this year. 

I think Japan has discovered the real meaning of Christmas and the identity of Santa Claus. [I SUSPECTED COLONEL SANDERS was Saint Nick when I was 10 years old.] Who knew? 

Click on the link below and share the joy of no dishes. Eat out! And don’t forget to order extra AWESOMESAUCE DROOL gravy. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And let’s make a wish on the wishbone!

(YouTube video courtesy of ANGLOPHENIA)