Life’s A Beach!



Photographer, Ladislas Kadyszewski

In dreary November, I was the very happy winner of a free mural contest orchestrated by NOMAD DESIGN ! I don’t usually pay attention to Facebook contests but this one seemed easy enough. All you needed to do was LIKE, share the post and wait! So when I was reached by Joey Cournoyer via FB Messenger, I couldn’t believe it. I really felt lucky!  (Check their Facebook page for more contests)

Now that I won, what was I going to feature on my 8 ft by 12 ft wall? I felt a bit of anxiety all of a sudden. I knew it had to be something worthwhile since it was a great opportunity to transform my space into a conversation piece.  I looked at the samples on the NOMAD DESIGN WEBSITE and it was overwhelming because everything was beautiful and interesting. So began the search for the right image to blow up but one that would inspire me day in and day out. You can search for copyright free high resolution images here: or use your own.

My guest room slash office was outdated. It had been 16 years since it was painted a dull shade of corn and seaweed green and the collection of Cuban straw hats really didn’t do much except collect dust. I was really glad that I had an excuse to get rid of them now that I was forced to choose a new decor.

At first, I was very attracted to vintage photos of roses. I enjoy the romantic renaissance influence especially the subdued colours. I imagined the light pink hues and khaki green blending well with the corn walls and seaweed but wait! Wasn’t I supposed to go in a different direction? Why was I stuck in my comfort zone? Decisions, decisions! I had to figure this out and the deadline was fast approaching. (Check out the gorgeous roses below that I didn’t chose.)


I tried to imagine my room in chalk board hues, purple rain and peacock colours. All the photos were spectacular but none jumped out at me. My mind wandered from bridges to whales to brick walls to logs to giant lettering to sunsets.


So many amazing images to choose from but none spoke to me until…I asked my best friend and professional Photographer, Ladislas Kadyszewski. He sent me his favourite photos from his many travels across 5 continents ( ) and there began a process of elimination. The last photo ended up being the first choice. WHY, you ask? I love the beach, ocean, sunrise, the glowing hue from the sun rays and stretching my cold muscles in the heat so that my day could start on the right note with purpose. I found the image that would propel me into a mood that would set my day with positivity and hope. What resonated with me the most was the “NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY” because that is how I felt. Strong, independent, resourceful, fierce, optimistic, hopeful and serene.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…it’s pretty much true. I would recommend that you choose a photo that will inspire you, perhaps motivate you to start a conversation about all the wonderful things that are important in your life. #hashtaglife


Because after all, LIFE IS A BEACH! and  this is just AWESOMESAUCEDROOL!


Hashtags : #NomadDesign #AwesomeSauceDrool #LifeIsABeach #MuralFest #Design

Story by Betty Esperanza @2016


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